Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases your medical license application and credential verifications will be prepared and shipped within 3 to 5 business days of us receiving your information. We can reduce this timeframe to 8 business hours for physicians who are in an extreme rush. The medical boards can take an average of 2-4 weeks to initially review your documentation. There are some high volume states such as Texas, California, Florida, & Rhode Island that may take a little longer to review your file, depending on your individual history and the number of applications that the board is processing at the time when you apply. Medical License Pro takes all the necessary measures to make certain that your medical license application is processed in the quickest time possible. We have implemented a proven system that enables us to quickly supply the medical board with the required medical license application, credential verification’s, and supporting documents so they can process your file efficiently. When using our service, the entire medical license application process averages 2 to 3 months for most states.

Our service will make the medical license application process a quick and simple.

Without our help, you should expect to spend your time:

  • Educating yourself on the board specific medical license application processing requirements
  • Researching names, addresses, and phone numbers of all education facilities, hospitals, and employers that you have ever been affiliated with
  • Completing the medical license application (average of 10-15 pages but some have as many as 50)
  • Writing letters, preparing shipping and return labels to request proof of your credentials for the medical board
  • Making follow-up phone calls to make certain your credential verification requests have been received and are being processed quickly
  • Checking in with the medical board periodically to ensure complete and accurate credential verification letters have been received, otherwise, you can expect to make more phone calls to correct errors.

With our help, you should expect to spend your time:

  • Doing anything else except what’s listed above!

We at Medical License Pro devote 100% of our time to processing your medical license application, supporting documents, and making the necessary phone calls to ensure that your medical license application process is progressing as smoothly as possible. We are here to handle any issue that may arise.

As a new client, we ask you to complete a simple online form that will provide us with the information needed to prepare your medical license application and collect the appropriate supporting documentation. This, and all other information collected throughout the course of our work, will be kept confidential. As a return client, a simple phone call will start the medical license application process for a new state!

Definitely! Because we must collect sensitive information to accurately process your medical license application, we take confidentiality very seriously! Our website and database is tested daily for security vulnerabilities, and certified by a third party company, “McAfee Secure”. All of your information and transactions remain 100%CONFIDENTIAL.

This is one way that Medical License Pro, Inc. surpasses the competition:

All medical licensing agencies (including MLP) require you to pay for the medical board’s application fee and verification/shipping related expenses. However, other medical licensing services have in place attorney-like billing, where in addition to the service fee, you will receive monthly bills for long distance phone calls, faxes, copies, e-mails, and even “billable time” that can add up quickly at $1.00 per minute! Medical License Pro believes that keeping our professional medical licensure service affordable will allow you to come back time and time again. That’s why we charge one flat fee for our service.

How MLP compares to the competition:

  • Medical License Pro uses the latest technology to ensure your information is safe and secure.
  • Some medical licensing assistance companies are very new and small, consisting of one or two people working from their homes. We have the experience, reliability, and resources to better assist you.
  • Some medical licensing assistance companies hand write or typewrite the medical licensure documents. Medical License Pro prepares all of its documents using custom computer software that is designed to complete all of the necessary forms quickly and accurately.

Finally, The best way to make an informed decision about which medical licensing assistance company to choose, is to request professional references. Medical License Pro maintains a long list of corporate and individual references that you may contact to inquire about the quality of our service.

In most cases all that is required of you is to sign and notarize the application after we have professionally prepared it. Some states require that you provide a couple of photos of yourself, and some medical boards require that you submit to a background check that requires you to complete a fingerprint card at your local police station. We handle the rest. Our goal is to make the medical licensure process as fast and easy as possible

Medical License Pro provides medical licensure assistance for all medical and osteopathic regulatory boards in the US.

There are many reasons why you should complete our forms instead of completing the Medical Board’s forms.

  1. Our form is easier to complete than any of the state medical board licensing forms.
  2. Most Medical Boards only have paper forms. Ours is online.
  3. Our one online form works for any/all of the 50 states. Once you complete our form you will never have to complete another medical license application.
  4. Completing the initial licensing form only constitutes about 10% of the medical license application process. Most of the time is spent collecting verification of your credentials. After you complete our form we take care of the rest of the application process.

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