Our Federation Credentials Verification Service

Our Federation Credentials Verification Service

What is the FCVS?

The Federation Credentials Verification Service (or FCVS) was established in 1996 by the Federation of State Medical Boards to create a streamlined process for medical boards to get verified, primary source records for the core credentials of applicants. The FCVS permanently collects and stores verifications of physicians’ and physician assistants’ academic and professional records, including medical education, postgraduate training and examinations. This centralized process makes it easier for applicants to apply and the FCVS makes it easier for state medical boards to review applications and core credentials.

Why use the FCVS?

We recommend keeping your FCVS profile up-to-date because some states require the use of the FCVS profile for medical license applications. The FCVS is intended to streamline the process for state medical licensing boards and for the applicants. Once your FCVS profile set up is finished, you can accomplish medical license applications more easily, giving you more opportunity for growth in your career!

Medical License Pro also recommends the use of the FCVS to our clients who graduated from an international medical school because of the difficulties that can be associated with verifying international sources. Having your FCVS profile set up and updated can relieve you of some of the stress that comes with international medical licensing.

Our FCVS Profile Set Up Service

Our FCVS Profile Set Up Service makes the application process easier for you! All you have to do is upload your basic information, credentials, and work history. We will research and confirm the contact information of your credentials, complete the application for your FCVS set up, check the progress, and provide you with updates!

The FCVS Profile Set Up Process is Simple! 

The FCVS Profile Set Up Process is Simple!

  • Research and confirm your credentials contact information.
  • Complete your FCVS application.
  • Check the progress of your FCVS Packet.
  • Provide you with frequent updates.
  • Facilitate verification of credentials.
  • You get licensed quick and incredibly simple!

Our FCVS Profile Retrieval Service

Already have an FCVS profile established? We also offer FCVS Profile Retrieval! If you already have an established FCVS profile set up, we can request an FCVS profile retrieval request on your behalf, updating your profile information as needed. We will make sure that your information is up-to-date and ready for your state’s medical license application!

Many of the most respected medical professionals in America trust us with their licensing. Call 1-855-237-5557 to see how we can assist you. Contact us today for help on what you need to store all your medical documents. 

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