South Dakota Medical License

Your licensing advocate will research your entire professional history from Undergraduate School to date and match your credentials with contacts in our comprehensive database of over 31,000 schools, training programs, and hospitals. This facilitates the verification of your credentials with the South Dakota Medical Board. We also research Medical License numbers, issue dates, and expiration dates.

Your South Dakota medical license application, as well as all letters and forms necessary to request verification of your credentials for the South Dakota medical board, are professionally completed by your licensing advocate.

We will provide detailed instructions for any step of the process that must be completed by you. In most cases, all that will ever be required of you is a signature, notarization, photograph or fingerprinting. Your licensing advocate will handle the rest of the details of your process.

The South Dakota Medical License process requires numerous primary source verifications. Your licensing advocate will request and collect all that is needed for your South Dakota Medical License. This could include undergraduate transcripts, medical school transcripts and verifications, professional reference letters, letter of good standing from other licensing boards, examination transcripts, postgraduate training evaluations, hospital staff evaluations, employment verification, AMA profile, NPDB query, federation query, malpractice claims history report/documents and any other verification required for your South Dakota Medical License.

Your South Dakota Medical License application process is tracked from start to finish. This includes following up with the South Dakota Medical Board and each facility providing verification of your credentials to the medical board. Continuous follow up is one of the most important steps necessary to ensure accurate and timely processing of your South Dakota Medical License application and credential verification requests

Your South Dakota Medical License application will be assigned to one licensing advocate in our office who will be your point of contact throughout the entire application process. In addition to receiving milestone updates from your licensing advocate, additional updates are always a simple phone call or email away.

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South Dakota Medical License Requirements

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American Medical Graduates: 1 Year ACGME Accredited Training
International Medical Graduates: 1 Year ACGME Accredited Training
STEP I - No Limit
STEP II - No Limit

Three Attempts for COMLEX/NBOME Step III.

MD – 7 Years
MD/PhD Candidates – 10 years
DO – 7 Years
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Frequently asked Questions about South Dakota Medical Licensure

There is a $400 fee payable to the South Dakota Board of Medical Examiners, which is submitted with your application.

Average processing time for an South Dakota Medical License is between 12-14 weeks. If there are any “Yes” answers to any adverse event questions, the time will be extended while the Board reviews all documentation.

Other than passing an initial licensing exam, and ECFMG if applicable, there is no additional exam required for an South Dakota Medical License.

The South Dakota Medical Board offers limited medical license reciprocity.
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The South Dakota Medical Board may be contacted at –
South Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners
101 N. Main Ave.,  Suite 301
Sioux Fall, SD  57104

Phone: (605) 367-7781
South Dakota Medical Board Website