Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last updated August 1, 2019

Medical License Pro is dedicated to making your medical licensing process incredibly simple! To do so, we ask you to agree to a few terms when you retain us:

General Terms

By retaining Medical License Pro to manage your medical license process, you agree that –

  • You are responsible for all fees collected by the medical board(s), credential holders or other individuals and entities that collect fees for the preparation and/or release of information needed to make your medical license process successful.
  • Times to get you successfully licensed vary and that Medical License Pro cannot guarantee any timeframe.  We strongly advise against making personal and professional commitments prior to the issuance of your license.
  • While Medical License Pro is managing your medical license process, we are not responsible for changes made by the medical board(s) that affect your ability to be licensed, or that make additional requirements necessary.
  • You have provided us with accurate and complete information to successfully manage your medical license process, and that Medical License Pro is not responsible for fines, denials, or any action taken by any medical board(s) due to omissions or inaccuracies provided by you.

Scope of Services

Medical License Pro’s scope of services includes preparing the medical license application and documents required by the medical board, processing of verification requests, and corresponding with credential holders, medical board(s) and any other individuals or entities needed to make your medical license process successful.

Fees for Unique Circumstances

Medical License Pro’s service fee covers our standard scope of services. Most medical license processes are completed within our standard scope of services and will never require additional fees.  However, there might be unusual circumstances that do not fall under our standard scope of services.  Unusual circumstances include, but are not limited to –

  • Employment history that exceeds 12 verification requests
  • Preparation of explanations and securing third-party documents regarding malpractice history or actions taken by any individual or entity in excess of three cases
  • Reproduction or resubmission of outdated documents caused by you not responding to our requests in a timely manner, or caused by you providing us with inaccurate information
  • Personal formatting preferences that require us to reproduce documents
  • Situations where we might need to retain the services of other individuals or entities to secure verifications for international medical school graduates
  • Any unusual situation that requires unordinary time and resources

All unique circumstances are reviewed on a case by case basis and discussed with you prior to any action by Medical License Pro.


Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  As such, Medical License Pro offers a 100% money back guarantee that you will not be denied a medical license due to any action, or lack of action, on our part.  If you cancel any medical license project prior to its completion, you could be entitled to a partial refund.

  • Prior to application preparation – 75% of our service fee, per state canceled, is refunded
  • Application has been prepared – 50% of our service fee, per state canceled, is refunded
  • Verification requests have been made – No refund.

No refund is given for files in our office more than 180 days.

For questions, please contact us at 1-855-237-5557.