The Medical License Pro Promise


The Medical License Pro Promise

As a physician, there may be a variety of reasons you may be seeking to hire a state medical licensing company. Maybe you are under a time crunch and nearing the end of your residency, or just took a position in another state but need to keep your practice running smoothly while planning your move. With your plate already full of responsibility, why take on any more stress by going through the time-consuming process of state medical licensing alone?

Medical License Pro was founded on the principles of providing a quality, expedited medical licensing service to help physicians navigate the tedious and confusing state medical licensing and credentialing process. In today’s world, applicants must endure an extensive application process that can include background checks, interviews, and direct-source verification of credentials that can often reach back as far as medical school.

As a physician, you are in the business of caring for others, and we know that your time is valuable. Which is why we are committed at Medical License Pro to taking the burdensome task of medical licensing off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best – taking care of patients.

Our experienced team has a solid understanding of the deadlines and pressures you are up against in obtaining your medical license. To eliminate your stress, we provide each of our clients personalized care ensuring fast, no-hassle licensing. Our licensing specialists receive extensive training to craft the skills necessary to interpret state application jargon, qualify a candidate for licensure, and professionally prepare state licensure application and verification forms free from time-delaying errors. It really is just that simple!

What you will love about working with Medical License Pro:

Easy Sign Up

No more wasting your time completing lengthy state license applications, spending hours researching information, making countless phone calls, and so on. Complete our online or paper intake form for the state of your choice – then we handle the research, paperwork, and follow-up. Best of all, we will store your information in our secure database, should you ever need licensing or credentialing assistance again.


Fast & Simple Process

Simply put, we really are fast and simple! Research and professional application preparation is done in days, not weeks like other medical licensing companies. Your physician licensing specialist will collect ALL of the credential verification’s required to complete your physician license application and ensure they are provided to the state medical board as quickly as possible. All of this translates to quicker turnaround for our clients.


We Keep You in the Loop

No more sitting on hold or waiting days (or even weeks!) to get in touch with your state application specialist. You will work one on one with a licensing professional here at Medical License Pro with whom will serve as a liaison between you and the state medical boards, credentials holders, etc. The purpose for our service is to make the process of applying for a physician license simple and easy. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process from start to finish, right through the issuance of your state physician license!

Ready to Get Started?

Let Medical License Pro streamline the medical license application process for you so you can focus on what is most important. Our online medical license application service can reduce your turnaround time by weeks, or even months! Not only do we handle your needs quickly and efficiently, we eliminate the usual medical license application stress by handling up to 99% of the process for you!

Medical License Pro takes the confusion, risk and hassle out of the medical license application process. We have successfully managed the state medical licensing process for thousands of satisfied medical professionals!


The Medical Licensing process can be quite lengthy and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.  Expect to spend numerous hours preparing the application, making the verification requests, following up with your credential holders, and addressing deficiencies on your notices from your State Medical Board, but…

What if someone offered to…
  • Determine your license eligibility
  • Make all credential verification requests
  • Follow up with credential holders
  • Handle additional Medical Board requests
  • Make your license process incredibly simple!
You should probably let them!

Only $597 per State

Discounts available for multiple states, training licenses, and military.

Are you considering applying for a State Medical License or have you already applied? What is your experience?  Do you have questions? Leave them below and we’ll help!


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