MLP 101: What is Medical Licensing?


Medical License Pro 101: The Basics

Learning the Basics of Medical Licensing

People often ask, how did you get into this business? Navigating the complexities of the medical licensing landscape on behalf of physicians and health care professionals is a unique career path, both for its narrow focus and somewhat novel endeavor. When people learn about what I do at Medical License Pro, they often express two sentiments: 1) What is Medical Licensing Exactly? and 2) That’s a great idea! But, what does your medical licensing service actually do? So, I hope the following will provide you with some basic insight into what we do here at Medical License Pro!


What is Medical Licensing?

Medical school is over and it is now time to step into the job market and land the first job of your dreams. After your undergraduate degree, MCATs, rotations, long hours studying and the even longer hours on your feet — it is time to apply to the job you have been training for. However, there is an additional step you must take if you want to practice medicine after graduation. This step is to apply for, and receive a medical license.


What is a Medical License?

A medical license is a license that gives a person the authority to legally practice medicine in the state of their choice. (1) It is granted by a U.S. state or jurisdiction and is required of every practicing physician. The medical licensing process can be extremely time-consuming and lengthy, since each licensing board and statutes vary from state to state. (2)


What are the Steps to Obtain a Medical License?

Medical licenses are not given out to every person who graduates from medical school, but to the people who apply for and meet all the appropriate requirements.

Below is a list of typical documentation that a licensing committee would request:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Verification of education and training
  • Medical exam scores
  • References
  • Hospital privileges
  • Current/past licenses (if applicable)

A Complicated Process

The medical license application process is quite thorough and it is very important to disclose all pertinent information and be as transparent as possible. With the numerous steps to this process and the large number of physicians applying, the average wait time is upwards of 60 days.(3)

Even the slightest misrepresented fact or delayed piece of paperwork could set the entire process back days or weeks. Due to the complexities of the application process and the variances between states, many physicians reach out to experienced licensing companies to help them navigate the in’s and outs of the process.


Seek Professional Help

A new job that requires a medical license can be a stressful endeavor to many first time – or transferring – physicians. While a new job comes with it’s own inherent stresses, tacking on a medical license application process, has many physicians opting to reach out to professionals for help.

Companies exist to provide licensing services to physicians to make the process easy and simple. They are the middle man that alleviate the stress of the application and provides peace of mind to many physicians who want to focus on their new jobs and not on the changing landscape of the medical licensing.

Medical License Pro takes the confusion, risk and hassle out of the medical license application process. We have successfully managed the state medical licensing process for thousands of satisfied medical professionals!


The Medical Licensing process can be quite lengthy and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.  Expect to spend numerous hours preparing the application, making the verification requests, following up with your credential holders, and addressing deficiencies on your notices from your State Medical Board, but…

What if someone offered to…
  • Determine your license eligibility
  • Make all credential verification requests
  • Follow up with credential holders
  • Handle additional Medical Board requests
  • Make your license process incredibly simple!
You should probably let them!

Only $597 per State

Discounts available for multiple states, training licenses, and military.

Are you considering applying for a State Medical License or have you already applied? What is your experience?  Do you have questions? Leave them below and we’ll help!


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